9 Different Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa


There are different ways to make money online in south Africa, which we will be checking out in this content.

Did you know that many people in South Africa are making money online? I mean real money from the comfort of their homes.

In fact, according to Statista, the global digital market is worth about $2 trillion as of 2018. And this is estimated to grow by more than 20% by 2023, and as the global market is growing, the south African digital market is growing.

If you’re reading this, there’s probably a good chance you’ve thought about making money online. Perhaps you even tried it once before. But maybe things didn’t work out so well, and you gave up before giving it your all.

Well, now is the time to give it another go. With so much access to information online, there are lots of new ways to make money online in South Africa, so here are nine ways to do just that.

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Virtual Assistants and VA Services

ways to make money online south africa

Becoming a VA can be a great option to make money online. A VA is a “virtual assistant,” someone who remotely assists you with administrative tasks so that you can be more productive.

Some examples of administrative tasks that you could outsource are data entry, creating and managing content, email marketing, and even managing your schedule.

Websites like Upwork and PeoplePerHour can be great places to start if you want to become a VA for your business.

You can also try posting on Craigslist, reaching out to companies in your area that have hiring programs, or even speaking with your university’s career services office.

Once you’ve landed a client, the best advice for succeeding at this type of job is to do thorough research upfront.

You should learn everything you can about your client’s business and industry, as well as the responsibilities of the job. It’s also important to be detail-oriented and to communicate frequently with your client.

Freelance Writing

If you have been in school for any length of time, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to write essays for a class.

Freelance writing is one of the most common ways to make money online in South Africa, and it’s a great option to gain valuable work experience. There are lots of different types of writing that can be done remotely.

You can write articles, books, product descriptions, and even website copy. You can even make money writing for a newspaper. There are lots of companies that hire freelance writers to create content for them.

Some companies even specialize in hiring remote writers to help people with special needs. This can be really fulfilling work that you can do from anywhere.

YouTube Content Creation

ways to make money online in south africa

If you love making videos, you can make money online by creating videos for companies and brands. This is another great way to make money online in South Africa.

Start your youtube and video creation journey with a specific niche such as beauty, health, food, fitness, or any other profitable niche out there.

This kind of content isn’t very difficult to produce, but it does require a certain level of expertise. You’ll need to produce quality videos that inform, educate, and/or entertain your viewers.

You can make money from video content in a few different ways. You can create sponsored videos for companies who want to promote their products.

Or you could create your own “unboxing” videos where you unbox new products, feature them on your channel, and recommend this product to your viewers with an affiliate link.

This will make you make money when anyone buys your recommended product using your link.

Once your videos start getting views, you could also make money from advertising.

These ads can be from Google or other advertisers, and they can be on the video itself or played before the video. 

The amount of money that you can make from these ads ranges widely depending on the type of ad and the number of views that your video has. Google Ads can be very inexpensive, and you may be able to make a few hundred dollars per month from them. 

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Online Teaching


If you have a rare skill or expertise, you can make money online by teaching it to students online. One way to do this is to Build your own course and sell it on a site like Udemy. You can also market your expertise by offering your services as an online tutor.

This can be done in a variety of different ways, including through:

  • Teaching an online course or hosting an online tutorial (for a fee)
  • Tutoring remotely online for a one-on-one student
  • Creating a membership site and charging a monthly fee
  • Providing online services like consulting or coaching

Drop Shipping

 real ways to make money from home for free in south africa

Drop shipping is a common eCommerce business model where you don’t keep an inventory but instead get a supplier to ship the product directly to your customer.

You can earn money by finding drop shipping wholesalers and then resell their products online using a Shopify store, an Amazon FBA business, or other online channels.

If you want to make money online with drop shipping, you need to find the right products to sell and a supplier that has a drop shipping program in place. 

You can build a website around these products and start marketing to consumers. When someone buys any of these products from your website, the order is sent to your supplier. 

The supplier then sends the item to your customer, and you earn a profit from the sale. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best-known ways to make money online in South Africa.

This is where you promote products or services for companies and get paid a commission if someone clicks through and buys something. You can do affiliate marketing in a few different ways, including:

  • Setting up a blog and using affiliate links in your posts (this is the most common way to do affiliate marketing)
  • Creating YouTube videos that include affiliate links and sending viewers to the product page
  • Creating your course and putting affiliate links to recommended products inside the course
  • Joining an affiliate network like Clickbank that can help you get started and find products to promote

Digital Advertising

If you run a physical store, have something to sell, a Shopify store, or an Amazon FBA business, you can make money using a digital advertising platform.

This can be a very effective way to make money online in South Africa, especially if you love the idea of selling products online. When you sign up for an account, you can create different types of ads.

These can be for Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or even an email marketing campaign. You can then track how much money each ad campaign is generating.

You can also use the Facebook ads platform to create retargeting ads that show up on people’s social media feeds after they’ve visited your store or website. This can help you get customers back on your site.

Blogging and Writing


If you love the idea of writing, you can make money online by blogging. You can write about a specific niche, like baking or fitness. Or you can write about a more general topic like travel.

You can earn money by blogging in a few different ways. You can create sponsored posts where you write about a company’s products and link to them.

You can also create evergreen content relevant to your audience all year, like a how-to guide or list. 

You can also monetize your blog content with affiliate links. Affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money if you do it correctly. It’s important to research and find products your audience would be interested in.

You can also create your membership site and charge people a monthly fee. And if you want to make money from blogging, you can create your product. This can be as simple as creating an e-book or course and then selling it to your readers.

Online Surveys

If you’re in South Africa and want to make money online by taking surveys, there are some important stuffs that you need to know. First, the type of survey you take will depend on your demographic information.

As you can imagine, companies have surveys that they would like to conduct with people from all different walks of life; so you’ll have plenty of options when choosing a survey.

You can also expect to make money from taking surveys in a few different ways. 

Other companies will use the information you provide in your survey to improve their products and services. 

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Conclusion On ways to make money online south africa

Making money online is great. Plenty of options are available. Looking for ways to make money in South Africa? Check out all the above methods.