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Best Online Business in Nigeria

‍Let’s talk about some accessible and cheapest business to start in Nigeria that won’t cost you millions of naira, and anyone can do all the listed businesses on this page.

Although Starting a business is not always as cheap or easy, it’s also not impossible. Some businesses are so cheap and easy to start in Nigeria that you might wonder why more people don’t do it.

But the truth is that these businesses require little initial investment and are profitable enough to support a business owner.

The trick is finding an industry with a lot of demand for the services but very little competition. That’s why this article lists the easiest and cheapest business to start in Nigeria.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any ideas right now. This article will help you discover the type of business you want to own someday.

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Hair and Beauty Salon

One of the cheapest business to start in Nigeria is a hair salon, and there is no doubt about that.

According to research, the hair care industry is expected to grow to $80 billion by 2024, a massive increase from the revenue in 2017 of $63.2 billion. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who’s interested in starting a business in the hair and beauty industry.

But a hair salon is not as easy as one may think. It’s not just a bunch of barbers and hairdressers coming together to work on customers’ hair.

Before setting up your salon, you need to have the right equipment, furniture, and supplies to handle the workload. These things can add up quickly and cost a lot of money.

You also need to consider some other things when setting up a hair salon. For example, you might want to paint the salon an appealing color to attract customers. You might also want to hire an architect to create a floor plan for the salon.

Setting aside funds for these expenses will help you avoid debt because of your business. Setting aside a small amount each month will help you accumulate enough money to purchase what you need for your salon. 

You may also have a good friend, family, or other assistance to help you get the necessary equipment. 

Writing Business

cheapest business to start in nigeria

Another cheapest business to start in Nigeria is the writing business. The writing industry is booming, and there are many people in Nigeria who want to write for a living but aren’t sure how to get their foot in the door.

You could start a writing business that helps those people publish their first book by providing editing, proofreading, and book cover design.

There are also editing services specializing in creative writing, such as imaginative fiction, screenplays, and poetry. You could also start a freelance business that edits and proofreads articles, resumes, and business plans.

You don’t need to have an exceptional degree or any specific qualifications. You can take many online courses to learn the skills you need to start this type of business.

Professional Cleaning Service

cleaning service

Another opportunity in our cheapest business to start in Nigeria list is a professional cleaning service. Many people in Nigeria hire cleaning companies to clean their homes or offices.

You could also create a cleaning service specializing in specific types of cleanings, such as cleaning upholstery, carpets, or tile floors. There are many benefits to creating a cleaning business.

You can set your own hours, which is convenient for you. You also don’t need a huge investment to get started. You’ll probably need a few cleaning supplies such as a vacuum, mop, and cleaning chemicals.

You can reach potential customers through social media, websites, or other advertisements. 

One of the enormous benefits of a cleaning business is that it’s a service business, which means consumers will continue to purchase your services as long as you maintain high-quality service. 

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about a drop in demand. As long as you maintain a positive reputation, your business will thrive.

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Food Business

nigeria business ideas

If you’re interested in starting a food business in Nigeria, you’re in luck because there are a lot of options. You could create a catering business, a food truck business, or even a grocery delivery business.

Any of these food businesses would be easy and inexpensive to start. You could start a catering business by finding a niche, like only catering for weddings or corporate events.

You could as well start a food truck business by specializing in a type of food like small chops like chinchin, puff puff, or burgers.

And you could start a grocery delivery business by partnering with grocery stores in your area to deliver food to busy people who can’t get to the store themselves.

You could also start a food truck or a food delivery business. These types of businesses don’t require a lot of upfront investment, and you can start making money with them quickly. 

Another option would be to open a restaurant. You would need a lot of upfront investment for this, but it can also be very lucrative. 

The hardest part of this is marketing it and getting people to come in. You can make this easier by serving something unique or offering something that other restaurants don’t.

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Sewing/Crafting Business

If you like to sew or do other types of crafts like knitting or scrapbooking, you could start a business selling your creations online as it is one of the cheapest business to start in Nigeria.

Many online sellers use platforms like WhatsApp to sell their products, and you can do the same. You can either learn how to make things from scratch or buy premade products and resell them for a profit.

You can even start a clothing business where you design and make custom logos on apparel. 

You don’t need a lot of upfront costs to start this business, and you can reach a global market as long as you have an internet connection. Another benefit of this business is that you can do it whenever and wherever you want, so it is very flexible. 

Crafts are a popular item to sell online, and there is a big market for high-quality, unique pieces. With creativity, you can do a profitable business out of your favorite hobby. 

You can start a business selling crafts online by sourcing materials, creating the products, and then setting up a website to sell them. 

Depending on the specific type of craft you choose, you may need to purchase supplies upfront, but you can expect this business to be extremely affordable to maintain.

Interior Designing

If you have a passion for design, you could start a business as an interior designer. Interior designers help their clients design their houses by choosing paint colors, furniture, and other design elements.

No one needs a degree in interior design to start this type of business, but you do need training. You can either go back to school and get a degree in interior design, or you can find online courses that teach you the skills you need to start this business.

You also need to get your name out there as an interior designer.

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Nail Salon Operators

If you love doing your nails, you could start a business with a nail salon. You can learn how to do manicures and pedicures, or you can buy premade products and resell them for a profit.

You can use a spare room in your home or rent a small space from your area. You should also find out where you can get the supplies you need affordably.

Another idea is to sell nail art supplies like stencils, rhinestones, and decals. People love to do unique things with their nails, and these supplies are an easy way to make that happen. You can also sell your own beauty products like face masks or moisturizers.



I love photography, and If you love taking pictures too, you could start your own photography business.

There are many types of photography niches that you could start, including fashion photography, landscape photography, and wedding photography. You don’t need special equipment or a large investment to start a photography business.

All you need is a camera. You should also set up a website or Instagram account where you can share your photos and build your following.

You can charge people to take their photos, or you could offer your photography services to companies and make money from sponsored posts on your Instagram after you have gotten enough followers.

You should also get your name out there by attending photography events, joining photography organizations, and building relationships with other photographers.

Conclusion cheapest business to start in nigeria

Starting a business is challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money or you’re just looking for something new to try, starting a business is a great option.

There are so many industries to choose from, and each one has its own challenges. If you choose the right industry, it should be the easiest and cheapest business to start in Nigeria for you.

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