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Landing on this page means you’re looking for an excellent business to start with 10k in Kenya right now, a business that will be profitable. If that seems true, keep reading, you are on the right page.

You don’t necessarily need to be a professional of some sort to start a business. Whether you are an engineer, accountant, or have some other jobs in your life, you can still launch your own business on the side and make it profitable.

Starting your own business means being accountable for making decisions and handling the consequences. But it also means that you will have more control over what you do and how much money you make.

If you want to start or create a new business but don’t know where to begin, we have compiled list of some Top profitable businesses that require low capital and can be created with just 10k in Kenya.

These businesses are common and profitable but won’t take up too much of your time. You might find one of these ventures appealing depending on your background, experience, and interests. Now Let’s dive in.

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Food Businesses

business to start with 10k in kenya

If you love the idea of baking and cooking, you can start a food business. There are two ways you can go about it: you can sell ready-to-eat items or ready-to-cook items.

You can bake pastries, cookies, bread, and other baked goods and sell them at your local supermarket, farmers market, or directly to customers. 

For the latter option, you will need a big enough vehicle with all the necessary health and sanitation certificates. You can also sell ready-to-eat items such as salads and sandwiches.

You can also try selling homemade ice cream. You can either buy an ice cream machine or make the ice cream by hand. If you make your ice cream, follow health regulations to avoid contamination and unsafe conditions.

The food business is one of the best businesses to start with 10k in Kenya because of its flexibility and many options. Most people start their food business with a simple goal: earning some extra cash. 

While this seems to be the most common reason for starting a food business, the truth is that almost any type of food business can be profitable. 

Once you have a firm grasp on the basics of your business and the industry you work in, there are many ways to grow your food business and increase your profits.

Fashion Businesses

If you love fashion, you can start a business selling new or used clothes. This is a great way to turn your hobby into a business.

You can also buy clothing wholesale and resell them at a higher price. Another option is to create your fashion line and sell your clothing online. If you want to profit with used clothing, you can sell them at a low price and with a low-profit margin.

If your business focuses on new clothing, you can sell them at a higher price. You can also make and sell your accessories, such as handbags and shoes if you’re crafty.

Another option is to sell clothes online. However, you’ll need a website and marketing budget to attract customers. You can sell your clothes on an established site like eBay or Amazon or set up an account on a marketplace like Facebook Marketplace.

Most buyers on these sites are shopping for a bargain, so you’ll need to price your clothes low to get a good return on your sale. Research the going rate for the clothes you want to sell before setting a price to get the best return.

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Barbershop Business

business to start with 10k in kenya

If you can cut hair or love the idea of cutting hair for people, then the barber business should be on your list of businesses to start with 10k in Kenya.

If you have a lot of experience cutting hair and love doing it, you can start a barbershop business. You can find a rental space and start cutting hair from there.

You will also have to invest in the equipment and supplies needed to start the business, such as a barber chair, clippers, shavers, scissors, and other products. 

The equipment you need to run the business will cost you between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand Kenya shillings, depending on your chosen brand and model. 

You can also expect to pay around a few thousand to start a barbershop business, but the potential earnings are good, especially if you live in a large city where real estate is expensive.

It’s not a rare business, and every city has many barbershops. You can also get a license and offer additional services such as facials, manicures, and pedicures. It’s crucial to follow health and safety regulations so you don’t put your customers at risk.

While this is a simple business to start, you will need to do a lot of marketing to grow your client base. People might not be familiar with barbershops if they have never visited one before. 

You must let people know you exist and offer your services. You can also provide other services like beard trimming, hot towel treatments, and facial shaves. With enough effort, your barbershop business can thrive and become very profitable.

Printing and Photocopying Business

You can start a printing and photocopying business if you love doing office work. You can sell your services to both individuals and businesses.

It’s a great way to make some extra money on the side. Or, you can run with it full-time and make it your primary business. You’ll need to invest in equipment, such as a printer and a photocopier.

It’s as well a good idea to start networking and building relationships with potential clients. You can also offer scanning and faxing services.

Travel Businesses

If you’re planning to take a vacation and earn money simultaneously, you can start a travel business. There are several types of travel businesses you can start in Kenya.

You can sell guided tours, rent out your car if you have any, or offer transportation services. There are several available guided tours to choose from.

You can find a tour focusing on wildlife which is what Kenya is most known for, history, or other topics. You can offer it online or to people visiting your city.

Giving tours is a great way to make money, especially if you are knowledgeable about a specific topic. 

You can offer private tours or group tours. If you decide to give group tours, you can charge per person or have a set price. If you choose to go with a fixed price, you will have to factor in your expenses, such as gas, parking, admission to any attractions, etc.

Once you have choose a price, you must promote your tour. You can start to drive traffic to your website or send flyers to attractions and hotels in your city.

I personally love this idea and will surely try it out because it’s one of those businesses you can make money and have fun with at the same time.

Digital Product Businesses

With the constant growth of the internet to this day, selling digital products should be on top of your choices if you are looking for a business to start with 10k in Kenya.

You can create training or software products, such as tutorials, e-books, and software, and sell them online either directly or through online marketplaces.

You can also create online courses, such as language lessons, and teach others how to do something. You can also create your own digital product, such as an app. 

You can also create and sell audio/video content. This could be in audiobooks, podcasts or music form.

In fact, the list and possibilities with this are endless.

Delivery Agent Business

If you drive or own a motorbike, you can start a delivery agent business. You can either do it as a side gig or make it your primary business. You can deliver food and other items to people.

You can also offer a delivery service for e-commerce merchants. Many online merchants offer delivery to customers as an add-on service. You can sign up for these platforms and start offering delivery services to your customers.

You can also start your own delivery service and hire people to work with you. With a delivery agent business, you won’t have any set schedule. And you can work as much as you want. Moreover, you can set your own hourly rate.

Start YouTube

start business in kenya

If you love making videos, you can make money from YouTube. If you create content that is relevant and helpful, you can make a significant amount of money from it. However, you will need to reach a large enough audience to make it worth your while.

This actually do take time, so you should start now if you plan to use this as a source of income. You can create videos about anything. If you’re just starting out, create content that helps your audience.

For example, if you’re interested in music, create videos that teach others how to play different instruments or how to play certain songs. This is just an example of many others.

Conclusion On Business To Start With 10k In Kenya

By now, you should have gotten ideas on different types of businesses to start with 10k in Kenya.

However, starting or creating your own business is a big step and not one that should be taken lightly. Before you commit, it’s essential to research your industry and understand what it takes to be successful.

With these top businesses listed already in this post, you can get started with as little as 10,000 Kenyan shillings. However, to turn a profit, you’ll need to work hard and put in a lot of hours.

You’ll also need to be dedicated, resilient, and open to change. If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business, now is the time to take the leap.

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