10 Business Opportunities in South Africa Under R10 000

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Let’s explore different business opportunities in South Africa under r10 000 that anyone can start without lots of fuss or hassles.

Today you no longer need to wait for an opportunity to knock on your door. If you have a business idea in mind, there are so many ways that you can make it happen.

One of the most widely known ways is investing in a business venture that costs as little as R10 000 or less.

These micro businesses are known as ‘micro ventures’ because the initial investment is so small and affordable. And with a small budget, almost anyone can take the first step toward becoming an entrepreneur.

Small businesses also have immense potential, especially when you set them up in emerging markets such as South Africa.

If you ever think of setting up a business in South Africa, here are ten great business opportunities in South Africa under r10 000 that you can start today

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Importing goods from China

Business Opportunities in South Africa Under R10 000

With Chinese e-commerce sites like Alibaba offering goods at very low prices, importing from China is an excellent way to reduce your business costs.

And with a cost of only R10 000 or less, you can buy goods in bulk and store them in a warehouse until you have sold enough stock to turn a profit.

While it’s best to buy goods in small quantities to test the market and improve your chances of making a profit, setting up an e-commerce store to import goods from China is a great way to reduce costs.

Buying in bulk also saves you on the packaging, delivery costs, and other expenses that come with importing smaller quantities of goods. With the right sourcing partners, you can also be assured of quality products that will satisfy your customers.

Importing goods from China is also an ideal business to run from home, which is excellent if you have a full-time job and want to run a business on the side.

However, you should be aware of the risks of importing from China and look for reliable suppliers. Also, you need to make sure to comply with the import and trade regulations in South Africa.

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Food delivery service

Food delivery services are top-rated in our digital world, and the Internet makes the world smaller and puts it at our fingertips.

If you have a car, you can start a food delivery business. You can start small by delivering food to your friends, family, and neighbors, and you can also grow to take orders from restaurants.

Then, you can use social media to promote your business and attract customers. You can start a food delivery service with a bit of initial investment as it’s one of the best business opportunities in South Africa under r10 000.

Things you will need to set up a food delivery service include a car, a smartphone, and a popular food delivery app in south Africa.

You will also need to comply with food safety regulations, so make sure to get the necessary permits before you start delivering food.

Publishing service

Business Opportunities in South Africa Under R10 000

Anyone can start a publishing business. For example, you can write content for websites like Wikipedia or write research articles and present them at seminars.

You can also write short stories or create poetry. Then, you can publish your work on different platforms like Amazon Kdp site and other e-book platforms.

Publishing e-books is also a great way to earn passive income while you are not working. Publishing is also a very affordable business to start. You can get started with as little as R10 000 or less.

Things you will need to set up a publishing business include a computer, a smartphone, and a content management system (CMS) like WordPress.

You will need to set up an account with a publishing platform before you start publishing content.

You will also need to have an author profile on a publishing platform so that you can get published on the sites where you want to publish your content.

Last but not least, you will need to have a distribution strategy. You can share your content on social media, email newsletters, or even have it syndicated on other sites.

With these things in mind, you can start setting up your publishing business, and it’s one of the best business opportunities in South Africa under r10 000 that anyone with writing skills can start.

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Computer repair service

Are you good when it comes to fixing computers and smartphones? If so, then you can start a computer repair service.

You can start by fixing the computers and smartphones of your friends and family. If your business grows, you can also take orders from other individuals and companies.

You will need to buy computer parts and other repair tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers. You will also need an office space or a place where you can work from home.

Language tuition service

Language tuition is a service that is always in demand, especially if you can teach English.

You don’t need any certification to start this business. All you need to know is the language that you are teaching.

You can start this business from your home. You can have students from all age groups. You can charge them according to the hour or according to the level of difficulty.

You can also create a blog where people can learn these languages and then monetize the blog.

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Virtual assistant service


If you are skilled at a specific type of work, like writing, social media management, or graphic design, you can start a virtual assistant service.

With an increasing number of entrepreneurs and companies outsourcing work online, the virtual assistant industry is overgrowing.

Virtual assistants provide a lot of services, such as email correspondence, social media posting, website management, research, writing, and administrative work. 

To work as a virtual assistant, you must have strong communication skills and proficiency in a particular task, such as social media management. Virtual assistants often work remotely, so you can set your own hours. 

The most in-demand virtual assistant skills are social media management, email marketing, and content marketing.

Anyone who loves the idea of working from home and looking for business opportunities in South Africa under r10 000 that they can start then tries V.A service

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Events Company

Love the idea or are good at organizing events and parties, you can start an events company. Events companies can charge a wide range of prices depending on the type of event they are managing.

You will need to buy event decorations, such as tablecloths and balloons, and other event supplies to get started.

Digital Marketing Agency


If you are skilled at online marketing and content creation or you love the idea, then you can learn digital marketing skills and start a digital marketing agency in south Africa.

Digital marketing is a great business to start if you are interested in marketing but don’t have any experience. Digital marketing skills are easy to learn, and you will be able to grow your business online. 

With the right strategy, you will start making money with your digital marketing skills as soon as you start your business. Digital marketing is an excellent option if you want a business that you can run from home. 

You don’t have to meet with clients if you don’t want to. You can work with a team or do everything yourself. Digital marketing agencies can offer anything from social media management to SEO.

Things you will need to set up a digital marketing agency include a computer, smartphone, and a digital marketing website. You will also need an office space or a place where you can work from home.

Print-On-Demand T-Shirt Company

This is another business opportunity in south Africa under r10 000 that is on the rise right now and becoming more popular as time goes on. You can create unique t-shirts and sell them on sites like Merch by Amazon.

A print-on-demand t-shirt business is easy to set up and very affordable to run.

It doesn’t require a large upfront investment, and you don’t need to keep a stock of shirts. Instead, you can print your designs on demand as customers order them.

For example, let’s say you design a t-shirt with the headline “Africa Will Grow” ( This is just an example). You set up an account on a site like Merch by Amazon and upload your design.

When people click on your t-shirt and buy it, you earn a commission, and the site designs the shirt and ships it directly to the customer over time. Your t-shirts earn money for you without you doing any hard work except coming up with designs.

Offer consulting services

The consulting industry is wide and varied, and you can offer your services in any field. For example, you can offer your services as a marketing consultant, a financial advisor, or a career coach.

Lot’s of ways to make money in the consulting industry. You can charge a flat rate for your services, or you can charge an hourly rate. 

Some consultants also offer their services exclusively on a contract basis. The type of contract that you sign will greatly depend on the type of consulting that you do.

Conclusion On Business Opportunities in South Africa Under R10 000

These ten business opportunities in South Africa under r10 000 are just a handful of the hundreds of business ideas you can start in South Africa.

Remember, the key to success is to find a business idea that works for you and your skill set. Once you have found the right business, you just have to start taking action.

With hard work, perseverance, and a bit of luck, you can turn your micro venture into a sustainable business that can provide you with a source of income for the rest of your life.

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