Best Businesses to Start in Rural Areas in Kenya

best business to start in rural areas in kenya

Are you living in the rural part of Kenya or just looking for ideas on the best business to start in rural areas in Kenya? Then this is the right page for you.

Rural towns and communities across Kenya have a rich potential for small businesses. The demand for services and products is often higher in these areas than in some of Kenya’s most considered significant cities or urban centers.

Rural areas can be a great place to start a business, as long as you know what market to target and what product or service to offer. Many people believe starting a business in a rural area is difficult or impossible. After all, who would want to live so far from everything?

But trust us, there’s a good reason so many people choose to settle down in these places.

Even if you don’t like the countryside, you’ll soon find out that there are plenty of benefits associated with opening your business in a small town or a rural area in Kenya and some of the best businesses to start in rural areas in Kenya.

However, there are some things to keep in mind if you want to start a business in any rural area in Kenya.

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Stuffs To Keep In Mind When Starting A Business In A Rural Area In Kenya

best business to start in rural areas in kenya

Firstly, fewer people might be around, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for your product or service. You just need to find a way to reach your customers.

Another thing to remember is that you might have to work harder to make your business successful compared to if you were running the same business in a city.

Rural areas often have less infrastructure, which means suppliers might be further away, increasing your business costs. You need to be careful about who your customers are and ensure they can afford your product or service.

Also, The profit margins in these areas tend to be lower than in urban areas. In order to maximize your chances of success, you should try to target a niche market where there is enough demand to support your business but not so much that it drives up costs. 

You should also research how your business would impact the community and ensure it is not directly competing with an existing business. 

If you want to start a business in a rural area, you may need to consider investing in equipment that will allow you to produce your goods or services at a lower cost than what would be charged in an urban area.

If you want to start a business in a rural area, keep in mind that most customers will be coming from a different city or town, which means that you will need to make it easy for them to find you.

You may also have to deal with less reliable internet or cellular connection. An exec way to overcome this is to make sure your business has a physical location, like a storefront or a warehouse, where customers can come and visit.

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Best Business To Start In Rural Areas In Kenya.

As said before, Starting a business in a rural area can be very rewarding. Some of the best businesses to start in rural areas are those that help the community.

People in rural areas tend to have a greater appreciation for things they may take for granted in the city. By providing services to people in rural areas, you can help to improve their daily lives and create a loyal customer base.


best business to start in rural areas in kenya

This will be the first on our list of the best business to start in rural areas in Kenya because why not?

If you have any experience working in forestry, you may want to consider opening a small business in a rural area. Forestry is a booming business in Kenya, and the demand for timber products is likely to increase in the future, thanks to increased demand for construction and furniture.

If you live in an area with forested land, you may want to consider starting a forestry business.

You can cut down trees and sell them to individuals or businesses, or you can provide valuable services like consulting, tree planting, firewood harvesting, and more. Forestry is an excellent business to start in rural areas.

Forestry work can be done anywhere, and the majority of the work can be done outside. There are a few requirements to start this business, though. You’ll need to get your forestry license, pass all necessary tests, and have a valid insurance policy. 

Once you’re licensed, you can start looking for work or start your forestry business in the rural part of Kenya. There are many business opportunities to explore. For example, you could choose to focus on a species of tree. 

Maybe you love oaks and want to help people plant trees in their yards. Perhaps you’re interested in growing and selling timber. There are many different ways to make money with forestry.

Agriculture and Food Products


Another must include business on our list of the best business to start in rural areas in Kenya. Farmers’ Markets and co-ops are one of the best ways to get into the food business.

You can find a supplier, produce products, and even have another person sell them for you. Alternatively, you can focus on a specific product. You can also import food products from other countries and sell them in your local area.

These products have a variety of uses, and you can find a niche for just about any type of food. You can start a food business of any scale and in any area. You can sell your products at special events and fairs, online, or from your home. Start small and grow as needed.

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Tourism and Travel Services

profitable business to start in rural area in kenya

If you live or can easily access a tourist attraction or natural wonder, consider operating a travel service. You can offer a wide variety of services, including arranging transportation, booking accommodation, guiding tourists, and more.

You can also focus on specific events or times of the year that are particularly busy in your area. For example, you can offer rental cars for events like weddings or conferences that we are taking place in the rural area where you are living.

Alternatively, you can also focus on providing specific services. For example, if you live near a popular climbing destination, you can start a small business that arranges climbing expeditions and guides climbers.

Many travelers want to experience the rural areas and see the wild part of Kenya, so you can provide a valuable service as a tour guide for these travelers.

There are many tour companies in Kenya that provide tours to rural areas, but if you have a car and are licensed to drive in Kenya, you can start providing tours yourself.

This is an excellent job to meet new people and visit parts of Kenya that aren’t generally on tour routes. You can also provide private tours for large groups of people, which can be a great way to make some extra cash.

Providing tours isn’t very difficult; it just takes time and effort. You also need to be licensed by the government to offer tours in Kenya.

The government provides different types of licenses, and you can find out more information about what you need by visiting the government website.

Education and Learning Services


As you know that education is not as easy to access in the rural part of Kenya. If you have skills and knowledge that you can share with others, you can open a business that focuses on education and learning in any of these rural parts.

You can open a school for kids, teach adults new skills or open a library where people can come and read books or study. Education is an essential part of a community’s growth and development, and people who live in rural places often have limited access to education due to their location. 

By opening a school or a library near these communities, you can help individuals learn new skills and access knowledge that can help them improve their lives.

Handmade Goods and Crafts

If you love to make crafts and other handmade goods, consider opening a small business with those items in these rural areas.

You can focus on selling a specific type of product, like decorations for the home, or you can sell different items.

Handmade goods are unique, so you’re likely to have a steady stream of customers. You can create this business on a small level, and you can grow it as needed.

Home Repair and Maintenance Services


If you have skills or training in home repair and maintenance, or you have a special license or certification, you can open a home repair service in rural areas.

Many people want to save money by fixing their own homes, but they don’t know how to do so. You can offer them services like fixing roofs, installing appliances, painting, plumbing, electrical work, and more.

Final Words On Best Business To Start In Rural Areas Of Kenya

There are many benefits associated with starting a business in a rural area. You’ll have lots of space to work, and the demand for your products or services is often higher in these places than in major cities or urban centers.

Choosing the right marketand product to offer, however, is crucial. It helps to know who your clients are, what they need, and what they want. If you start your business in a rural area, you’ll have plenty of space and freedom to do what you love.

To find the best rural location for your business, you’ll first want to research the best rural areas to start a business in Kenya, and then you’ll want to find the best rural area for your business in those places.

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