Become an Affiliate

Want to start earning cash?
By registering as an affiliate you can be earning $150 per referral. Offer anyone the chanceto earn an extra $90, for taking a simple survey, plus a rebate for the $30 used. For a total of $120 per survey!

How does it work?
Register as an affiliate, sign on new customers and get paid. When you sign on a new customer, they will go through a customer cycle for information that can be analyzed for statistical reasons. Once any customer reaches the full cycle of 50 people, he/she will receive a rebate, with a bonus. When that happens, you will receive the referral bonus, per customer referred.

Are you already a customer and have taken a survey? Great you are already an affiliate, log in HERE and click affiliate for your affiliate link. If you just want to work for Freedom Cash Survey as an affiliate use the form below to register an account for free and recieve your referral link:

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